Welcome to the Bales Project! Here you will find the musings, rants, and perhaps a little humor of one Christopher Bales from Huntsville, Al. I work at Curse, Inc. (yes, the super awesome guys who maintain the Curse Client and other popular websites) and am a super nerd. I love video games, software, gamedev, geeky devices (I want a Windows 8 Surface so bad!), and the list goes on with the geek - so, if you're interested in those things, stay a while and listen!

This is my first serious web project I've done just for fun! This project was made in ASP.NET MVC 3 from scratch. It uses a very simple database schema, and is designed to be extensible (i.e. if I want to add other sections to the site, it would be easy to plug in). Hopefully I'll find time and create a tutorial on how I made the whole thing if anyone is interested.